Ungru Rondo


Ungru rondo — URD, URN, i.e. roughly trimmed stones (limestone bricks with roughly trimmed surface)


1.1.Made of weatherproof Ungru limestone, which is broken mechanically (without blasting) from limestone quarries in Ridala rural municipality, Lääne County.

1.2.Ungru limestone is a mixture of grey and yellow tones — occasionally the stones may also be in brownish-yellow, yellowish-brown, bluish-grey and other tones. The stones are with a layered structure.

Description of the product, dimensions and tolerances:

2.1.The front side of U-rondo line stone URD is manually processed, the rest of the sides are cut with a saw.

2.2.In addition to line stones, corner stones (URN) are also available, which in addition to manually processed front side also have a manually processed end.

2.3.The colour of the stones is casually chosen mixture of grey and yellow, but the carefully selected grey or yellow tones are also available (NB! Yellow stones may not always be available; the supply depends on the goods in stock). The stones may but do not need to have a pattern. The selection of pattern is not performed.

2.4.Standard dimensions:

– row height 90 mm

– the length of stones can be chosen in the range between 300–500 mm

– the thickness (depth) of the layer is 30, 40 or 60 mm, to which the dimensions of the rough trimming must be added.

2.5.Stones with special dimensions and with fixed length are also available for order.


URD 90-30-vp (line stone, height 90 mm, thickness 30 mm, variable length)

URN 90-60-vp (corner stone, height 90 mm, thickness 60 mm, variable length)

2.7.Permitted tolerances for all dimensions are +/- 2 mm.

2.8.Sawed surfaces must not be visible on the roughly trimmed sides of the stones.

2.9.The stones may not have consistent cracks (NB! Not to be mistaken for the grooves of mineral calcite!).

2.10. After installation there may be some colour changes on the stones (brownish lines around the stone), which will later disappear.

2.11. U-rondo line stones are sold by running metre, corner stones by piece.

2.12. If the stones are installed with 10 mm joints, it takes 10 running metres to cover 1 square metre.

Information that must be indicated in an order:

3.1.Dimensions, free or fixed length


3.3.Whether and how many corner stones are needed

3.4.Place of use — either indoors or outside

Possible places of usage:

4.1.For finishing the plinths and facades of buildings

4.2.For finishing fences and walls

4.3.For constructing and finishing fence posts

4.4.For finishing fireplaces and internal walls etc

Installation tips:

5.1.We recommend ordering installation works from Ungru Paekivi OÜ, who will give a 2-year warranty to both the material and the installation.

5.2.When performing installation works yourself, we advise using lime mortar, which is made of clean (washed) sand and clean water. We do not recommend using Portland cement, which may cause the stones to change their colour.

5.3.Ready-made mortars or mixtures of adhesive intended for the installation of natural stones may also be used when installing the stones.

5.4.Attention should be paid on making a proper hydroinsulation.

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