Granite is a grey, pinkish or reddish coarse-grained igneous rock.

Granite mainly consists of quartz and feldspar. In smaller extent it also includes micas and other minerals.

Granite is a very widespread deep rock that can be found in earth’s crust. On shields granite outcrops are often visible on ground. In Estonia there are no granite outcrops. In Estonia boulder stones have been used for constructing buildings in earlier times and for making crushed granite.

Granite has several varieties. Rapakivi is also just granite with a specific structure. A large amount of stones that are sold under the name granite are not actually granite stones but other hard igneous rocks (gabbro, basalt) and metamorphic rocks (gneiss, quartzite).

Granite, also known as ironstone, is a valuable construction material. Due to its great hardness and cold resistance, granite stairs, curbstones and sculptures prove to be extremely durable. Depending on the composition, the density of granite is 2.55…2.7 g/cm³.

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